Wolly Bugger Step by step

Wolly bugger step by step

  • Hook: Swimming nymph #6-14
  • Bead:  3-3,8mm color of choice
  • Collar:  2,9mm color of choice
  • Tail:  Black marabou
  • Body: Black ostrich herl
  • Hackle: Black Hen
  • Ribb: krystall flash
  • Body/tail: Flashobou fibres.

Step 1: Mount bead then collar to hook.


step 2: tie in marabou fibres to bend of the hook.


step 3: fasten Hackle at its tipp, and drag all fibres backward pointing out, also fix ostrich herl at same location.


Step 4: Tie ribbing at same location as hacle and herl.


Step 5: Tie ostrich herl around the hook to make the body.


Step 6:tie inn Flashabou fibres at collar position pointing bacwards as long as tail is.


Step 7: Turn hackle around the hook and over the fibres.


step 8: Last step is ribbing, the opposite direction than the hackle.


You are done 🙂

img_1554 img_1560 img_1562 img_1556

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